We Guide Business Owners to Success in Buying Or Selling a Business

Byond is there for every phase of the deal.


Selling or buying a company is much more than a transaction. Preparing your business for the transaction is key to achieving your objectives. We work with you to understand your objectives and to provide assistance in devising a strategy to achieve them, if you don’t have one already.

Sellers are often unaware of company gaps that can significantly reduce their value at sale.

Buyers often choose targets without considering all crucial factors, leading to future divestiture at a loss.


Several skill sets are required for success. The companies we work with in the mid-market must often bring in professionals that possess various expertise to assist at various times during the deal which lasts for months. How do you orchestrate and coordinate these activities appropriately? What should you expect from a lawyer, accountant, financier, wealth manager and those with cybersecurity, human resources, and other types of expertise?

We perform due diligence for all or select company areas for both buyers and sellers using in-house analysis methodologies.


How will the two companies become one and fulfill deal objectives? How will all personnel, systems and date be integrated? How do you keep the now merged company profitable and growing while all of these changes take place?

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