About Byond

Trusted M&A Advisors

As trusted M&A advisors who believe in making significant impact within any organization we work with, we guide executives and business owners to build massive value for their companies, achieve positive business and personal outcomes, and smoothly transition to their next step in life.

We provide a holistic approach to our work: seeing the bigger picture helps avoid many common problems in selling and buying companies.

We specialize in helping offline companies acquire and integrate online companies. We provide proprietary methodologies, tools, experienced advisors and a novel service model that integrates an action plan to quickly and sustainably grow business value – averaging more than 25% per year.

We also recognize the impact that our work can have on the lives of company executives and their employees. A company sale or acquisition that fails can negatively affect the lives and careers of everyone associated with the companies involved, and in some cases, the communities in which they live. Success has equally broad benefits. We carry this awareness with us as we work with our clients.

Laurie Wiggins

As CEO of Byond LLC, Laurie provides midmarket executives, business owners and entrepreneurs immediately impactful information that enables them to successfully plan as well as conduct a sell or buy transaction. She assists business owners in strategy, improving customer value, and cost reduction. She helps buyers avoid acquiring hidden liabilities and over-paying. Laurie guides sellers in achieving maximum valuation and in all aspects of planning and conducting the sale.

Laurie brings over 30 years of experience in risk management, product development, business development and engineering to help executives and entrepreneurs grow or exit their companies successfully. She is passionate about working with executives to achieve their company goals with mergers and acquisitions.

Ask us how we can guide you to buy or sell a business.

Hector Del Castillo

Hector has over 15 years of experience collaborating with executives and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. He’s passionate about working with executives to achieve business growth by guiding mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.

Prior to joining Byond, Hector led acquisition and integration efforts at Nextone Communications, Smith Micro Software and MEI Technologies.

As Chief Marketing Officer of Byond, he’s busy creating content to share actionable information with midmarket executives and entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and significantly improve the value they deliver to customers, while reducing operational costs to increase their company’s financial performance.

Ask us how we can guide you to buy or sell a business.

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