Looking to Buy a Company?

We believe in making a massive positive impact within any organization. We help business executives and founders achieve 27% or more in business value by becoming deal-ready, choosing the best strategy, connecting and aligning buyers and sellers, and achieving synergies during integration.

Acquisition is one way to grow your company and ideally is part of your corporate strategy. When is acquisition appropriate and under what circumstances? If you don’t have an acquisition strategy, we can help you develop one. We help you understand your current business situation: the state of the industry and the market, your competition, and provide information on other deals similar to yours. All these things factor into the acquisition strategy.

Target Identification

Part of your acquisition strategy is identifying the characteristics of an ideal target. We research and assess potential targets to ensure that they meet your criteria before they are approached.

Acquiring a company requires a group of professionals with different skill sets. We organize and orchestrate the professionals needed for the deal so that tasks are handled promptly and correctly. We guide you through complex financial and legal contracts.

We assess the price range for each target and help negotiate the purchase with the seller.

We perform due diligence on the chosen target to help ensure there are no hidden liabilities.

We help you plan the integration of the acquisition in all aspects of the business, including the time, money and skills required. We can recommend which metrics to track that measure progress and enable issues to be identified right away so they can be addressed.

We track performance during integration so that the acquisition performs as you have envisioned, fulfilling your goals and objectives.

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